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Oak & Steel Platform Bed

For this project, our customer gave us the basic dimensions and requirements for a queen-size platform bed that she wanted for her master bedroom. After consulting with the customer, we decided to go with the steel and oak scheme as shown in the photographs. The wood is all 1.5” oak that has been treated with a clear finish. The headboard was designed and built to give the appearance of having been cut from a solid piece of 2” thick steel. A framework of 2x2” 14ga steel was ‘skinned’ with a solid sheet of 12ga steel to achieve the desired look. All of the steel was clear-coated and then polished, accentuating the natural beauty of the steel as it left the foundry. All of the components and materials for this bed were quite heavy, so it was designed to be modular for easy disassembly/re-assembly when moving of the bed is necessary.

A Function of Art can reproduce this design for you or work with you to create your very own custom bed solution.

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