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Large Steel Coffee Table

Part of our ‘Industrial’ series of tables, this all steel coffee table projects a commanding presence in any family or living room. The legs and outer edge of the top of the table are made from 3x3” 14ga steel, while the top is made from a single piece of 12ga sheet. The original finish of the steel as it came from the foundry is preserved in a protective clear-coat. The 12ga sheet of steel ret ains it’s heat marks from welding and it’s creation at the steel mill. This surface asks the viewer to find the color striations and other markings from the forging process, offering a limitless and almost three dimensional landscape. The steel has been finished with an industrial clear-coat using a process that gives the appearance of water flowing over the table top. All visible welds have been ground and polished. Dimensions: 16” H x 48” W x 48” L

A Function of Art can reproduce this coffee table for you for $750, or we can work with you to create your own piece of functional art.

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