A Function Of Art

Philosophy of 'A Function Of Art'

Our philosophy when it comes to creating and making furniture is simple: Make it beautiful and make it strong. Furniture is many things to many people. To us, furniture is something that we look at, touch, and interact with as objects that directly affect our life and the energy that flows through our homes and businesses. Hand made custom furniture tells a story: about the materials used in its creation, about the process and people who built it, and about the people that choose to display and live with these pieces in their homes and businesses. It is our desire to honor the journey these materials make from raw material to finished product. It is also our desire to create furniture that will stand the test of time with regard to durability and beauty.

Our philosophy when it comes to our customers is simple as well: Make them happy. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with A Function of Art’s products and services. Our goal is to give excellent, personalized customer service and satisfaction that lasts a lifetime.

Art and function are typically viewed as two different entities. A Function of Art brings these two aspects of our lives together in every piece that we make.

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